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Frequently asked Questions:

The DORN selfhelp exercises can be done by anybody who understands the exercise and is physically able to do them.

It is recommended to see a healthcare professional (e.g. doctor) first before starting any exercise routine!

There are no differences for male, female or adolescent users.

There is no user body weight limit.

There is no maximum age limit.

Children and Teenagers should only do exercises under adult supervision.

Persons with artificial joints can safely do the exercies.

It is completely safe to do these exercises since the user has absolute control and responsibility.

Natural self protection mechanisms (i.e. reflex controlled tensioning of muscles in case of pain during exercise) will ensure that the user is safe before any injury can happen.

If unsure please check with a professional health care provider first before starting any exercises.

Yes and only a few: Do not do these exercises without prior medical consultation in cases of recent accidents, severe osteoporosis, high fever, acute stroke, acute heart trouble cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral aneurysm, brain and spine tumors.

If you suffer from any other serious health condition check with your physician first before doing any exercise!

Yes and only a few: In the beginning these exercises may be a little uncomfortable due to existing or arising body and muscle tensions that usually ease within a few days.

Do NOT exercise if it is causing to much discomfort or pain before or during use!

In case of any pain during exercise you may first try to reduce actions to a tolerable limit and stop if pain is not reducing.

Sometimes it is better to start with less active movements first.

It is better to do the exercises more frequently (often) than doing it too intensive in one session.

Depending on the exercise (check explanation of each exercise) we recommend a minimum use of several times a day (for a few minutes only) for a period of minimum 6 to 8 weeks. Later the frequency can be adjusted individually depending on the situation and we recommend to do regularly preventive exercises as a maintenance routine.

The basic 4 DORN selfhelp exercises should be done before and after other sports activities.

It is recommended to do the basic 4 DORN selfhelp exercises after longer sitting periods and after sitting longer with crossed legs.

It is recommended to do the basic 4 DORN selfhelp exercises after longer drives in a car, train, airplane etc.

Important: Do each exercise (except sacrum selfhelp exercises) always on both sides of the body!

First choose a suitable space to perform these exercises and allow enough time to do them.

It is recommended to do the Basic 4 DORN selfhelp exercises (and others if applicable) always at the same time to develop a certain routine for them.

Breathe normal (best deep and slow) throughout the exercise routine.

It may be best to start with less active movements before attempting more active exercises.

Make breaks if necessary! (during exercising or in-between sessions if not feeling well)

Although these exercises are easy and safe to do we do recommend to get proper instructions from an experienced DORN Method practitioner first.

During a hands on DORN session first self-regulation of structural imbalances can be a good start for a necessary adjustment and healing process.

All exercises can be learned based on the hands on experience during a DORN session and therefore easy understood.

If it is not possible to see a DORN Method practitioner first ensure that all explanations of each exercise is correctly understood and do start careful!

Caution: During the first few days after starting these DORN selfhelp exercises the body may show some adjustment reactions which can occasionally be a little unpleasant.

This is usually a healing reaction and should be gone latest after one week. If you are not sure about these reactions please consult your doctor first before you continue the exercises.

Reactions may include but are not limited to: Dull muscular pain like after a gym workout, light flue like symptoms, changes in toilet habits, mood changes, less or more appetite.

Of course many positive reactions like: Less pain, more energy, better breathing ability, less tensions, better organ functions, more balance sexual life, better digestion etc. are very likely.

  • Enough drinking = Minimum 2 Ltr./day but only very little Alcohol, not too much Coffee, not too much pure Juices (better to mix with water!), best is clean water, herbal tea, water-juice mixes. Avoid Energy drinks and artificial flavored drinks and soft drinks. Most important: No longer drinking breaks (= drink regulary), recommended is 200ml liquid every 2 hours!

  • Integrative medicine: Try to combine different medical and therapeutic approaches with self help rather than thinking bad about conventional or complementary medicine. Each condition should be seen as a special individual case that may require more than just one single approach.

  • Other exercises: Moving the body, training heart, lung and muscles is a must! Minimum 2 x week for 20 to 30 minutes! It is recommended to include the DORN self help exercises into any exercise routine and best before (warm up) and after (cool down) any sport. Today there are many possible training advises freely available on the internet that can also be done at home for people that do not like Gym, Group sport or outdoors.

  • Nutrition: A healthy diet is likely more important than most people think. Eat fresh prepared food whenever possible. Reduce meat and ready made foods. Avoid Junk food. Do not eat more than your system needs to avoid overweight. Add high Quality food supplements in cases of malnutrition or stress. Search nutritional advice from experts to learn your personal best nutrition program. I recommend to add a good Magnesium supplement to the diet as most people do not have sufficient magnesium in their system. Regulary Detox (fasting, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, sweating a.o.) keeps the body's energy level high.

  • Air and Sun: Get enough fresh air and spend as much time in clean outdoors as possible. Get enough Sunlight to allow sufficient Vitamin D production in your body but avoid too much exposure. (20 minutes in bright sun is enough)

  • Love your Life: Enjoy your life, love yourself and others, see problems as challenges and chances, do not hurt yourself, others or the environment and share with others. (everybody has something to share!)

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