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Balance is the key! - The Triangle of Health

triangle of health

More Details for better understanding why these 3 factors are so important:

triangle of health


Why is it a very good advice to do the DORN Method Selfhelp exercises?

Improving the structural balance requires only a little investement in: Time, Self-Discipline, Learning

Better Balance of the Structures will directly and positively influence our health and is very easy to achieve compared to the other factors.

The DORN Method Selfhelp exercises are NOT a cure for all diseases or a magic bullet but likely a key factor for re-developing and maintaining a strong foundation for a healthy and balanced Life!


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Key factor: Drinking

key factor drinking


Many questions, many advices, many gadgets... welcome to the water jungle!

Give the body enough liquid YES, but not alcohol, sugar infusions or energy drinks! If you follow that advice you made already a first and quite big step forward to a healthier life.

What to drink then? Water is in all beverages and the body can use it but needs to do some work first to extract the pure water from them so if you want to help the body drink as much clean water as possible instead of other beverages.

How much to drink? Water is also in many foods (fruits, vegetables, greens etc.) so the amount depends on our diet. Approx. 30 to 40ml per kilogram bodyweight is recommended (teenager and adults). If your weight is 50kg then 1,5Ltr is minimum!

Most important however: How to drink? It is all about our blood why? Our blood is like the traffic on our streets, too many (big) cars and often stressed roads can cause traffic problems and tension that influences the body balance negative. This happens when our blood gets too "thick" by being too dehydrated. Many people drink enough but wrong and cause "traffic problems". Keep the traffic running simply by giving the body minimum 200ml liquid (best is water) latest every 2 hours. That is just a small glass. Recommended is to have a small sip often and never wait until you feel thristy!

By the way: If our system is in a good structural balance it can utilize the water we drink best that is also why one should do the DORN selfhelp exercises!

Key factor: Food

key factor food


Many questions, many advices, many gadgets... welcome to the food jungle!

Give the body enough food YES, but if possible: Natural foods, fresh foods, organic foods, more plant based and less (even no) animal foods.

A car engine runs best and longest if one uses good petrol and engine oils so treat yourself even better than a valued car (if you belong to the lucky ones that can afford a car)

What to eat then? Food is the main source of our life's energy and if you can prepare the food you eat yourself. This investment in time and quality is the best savings account we can have for times of crisis, sickness and the only real security we can prepare. At least choose the best possible food sources that you can find if possible: Natural foods, fresh foods, organic foods, more plant based and less (even no) animal foods.

How to eat then? Try not ot eat more than your body needs and allow the system to get some rest once in a while by having some form of fasting periods regulary. Take enough time for eating and do not rush this important moment. Chew your food correct and with joy and gratitute. Develop good eating habits like eating always at the same time and in company with other people if possible, avoid distraction from smartphone, TV or stressful environment.

Very important: Eat what your body can utilize! Due to many different factors like age, blood type, genetical factors different people may utilize different foods better than others. This is mainly a try and error situation to learn and develop experience that only yourself can do! But do this with a conscious attention!

By the way: If our system is in a good structural balance it can utilize the food we eat best that is also why one should do the DORN selfhelp exercises!

Key factor: Stress


Many questions, many advices, many gadgets... welcome to the stress jungle!

Stress is not only bad but can help to achieve tasks better due to increased hormon activity within our body. This is the case with what could be called positive stress. And stress is part of our life so we must learn to live and cooperate with it.

Many forms of socalled "negative" stress influence our system and can bring it out of balance.

What are negative stress factors?

Physical: Unhealthy movements, too much or not enough movements, accidents with injury, movements beyond our natural individual limits, single sided movement patterns (often compensating movements and posture) e.g. sleeping, sitting, at work etc.

Chemical: Bad (unhealthy) food, drinks, drugs, environmental toxins, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, medicines etc.

Mental: Unsolved problems (past or present), fears, worries, too small or big self esteem etc.

Electromagnetical: Unhealthy doses of radiation from devices, wires, electrical transmission, wifi etc.

Environmental: Unhealthy exposure in natural environments = sunlight, cold weather, dry or wet areas etc.,
unhealthy eposure in non-natural environments = workplace, family, neighbours, social gatherings etc.

Spiritual: Unhealthy belief systems = my belief (my god) is the only real, true, right one.

How to deal with stress?

If possible avoid or change negative stress. Try to develop a certain immunity against negative stress through careful conscious exposure. Life-Style changes (improvements)! Environmental changes if possible. Reduced exposure to unavoidable stress and/or adjusted individual time-outs for yourself. Inner attitute changes or adjustments (Ego).

Very important: Self reflection to find your place in this life without causing damage to yourself, others or nature. Instead of feeding the Ego too much search for your higher self by doing good things for others.

By the way: If our system is in a good structural balance it can handle stress best that is also why one should do the DORN selfhelp exercises!

Key factor: Supplements


Many questions, many advices, many gadgets... welcome to the supplement jungle!

Food supplements are added to the normal diet in order to complete or enhance it. If this is good or bad, necessary or useless depends on many factors and cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. As for almost everything in life it is adviced to make decisions based on thorough research individual try and error and a clear assessment of the personal situation. Some help maybe the following:

What are food supplements?

Usually these are industrial made products that contain natural or artificial ingredients like vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances etc.
The proposed benefit is that these supplements give our body important substances that we cannot get easy through normal food.
If this really works is never provable through promises from advertisements or questionable studies however there are some things to consider that can help to find and try the individually best supplementation.

Supplements Yes or No?

If the diet (food) that we have is healthy, natural, organic, diverse, a supplementation may not be necessary nore will it bring great, fast or even perceptible results.

So the first question? Is your food good for you?

Is healthy food available and affordable?

Do you have any deficiencies?

Of course one can simply try different supplements to find out if there are positive results but it maybe a better way to consult a specialist in nutrition that does not want to sell you his/her stuff only but gives valuable information and advice like a naturopath, health coach etc.

Good supplements must not be the most expensive but are usually not the cheapest either.

Important things our body definitely needs: (best through good food and enough sunlight exposure, but supplements can be considered here)

Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

Stuff most people do not really need as supplement:

socalled "Super foods"
Energy enhancers (Caffeine, Taurine etc.)

Very important: If you decide to try supplementation make sure you find products that have little or no artificial ingredients, additives or unprooven "mixtures". It is recommended to take supplements that only have one specific ingredient in a high enough dose.

By the way: If our system is in a good structural balance it can utilize food and/or supplements best that is also why one should do the DORN selfhelp exercises!

Key Factor: Exercise


Many questions, many advices, many gadgets... welcome to the exercise jungle!

Beside the DORN selhelp exercises other physical activity is very important because our body is made to move and not to rest. Unless sickness, injury or other uncontrollable factors force us to rest most reasons we use not to move are excuses. Convenience, laziness, inner weakness or deflections (addictions, smartphone, PC games). So start your path towards better health and move now...

What is exercise?

Exercise is activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness that is planned, structured, and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning the body. Exercise consists of cardiovascular conditioning, strength and resistance training, balance and flexibility. Each one has different benefits. Doing one kind also can improve your ability to do the others, and variety helps reduce boredom and risk of injury.

How to exercise?

As for most decisions we make this is an individual and personal one. You can exercise alone or with others. You can exercise at home, outdoors or in a gym.

Motivation can also come from fitness apps, youtube videos, personal trainers, positive group peer pressure, inner urge to change etc.

Small changes in movement habits that are increased regulary everybody can and should do e.g. using stairs instead of escaltors or lifts, using bicycle or walk whenever possible instead of car, standing up often from sitting positions to get some water or do simple stretching.

To develop a certain routine (habit) it may help to always use the same location, choose the same time of day, sign up for classes or make appointments with friends to do sports or just go for a brisk walk daily.

Very important: Never go beyond your personal limits! Start slowly and careful and build up gradually. Allow times to rest for proper recovery. Use a variety of exercises even you prefer specific ones do others also.

By the way: If our system is in a good structural balance physical exercises can be done better and have a greater health benefit that is also why one should do the DORN selfhelp exercises best before and after any sports!

Inner Balance


What is Inner Balance?

Inner Balance means that one is in a state of psychical-mental-spiritual equilibrium.

Equilibrium means everything is equal and has the same value, there is no preferences in life e.g. contentment is always good and discontentment is always bad. Both is equally valuable. There can never be a total balance forever but the ups and downs, forwards and backwards should not have too extreme forms. The goal should be to achieve or seek for a best possible and stable balance.

Not all can be defined by ourself but we can influence the course of many things in all directions, may it be judged by ourself as good or bad. All this through our own decisions but only in connection with respective actions (or Non-actions).

How can Inner Balance be influenced?

To move towards a specific direction one needs to know where one stands at this moment. This means that one must be aware of the present startposition. This can be done alone (sometimes) but one can freely allow and accept the help of others.

After the startposition (Present Situation) is determined this is followed by the identification of possible deficits or excess in the inner situation. This can be done alone (sometimes) but one can freely allow and accept the help of others.

Now follows a conscious work to influence these areas in order to re-balance them, alone or with the help of others.

The key word may be awareness, one have to be aware first before an active change can be attempted.

The path for change has to be walked alone even outer help can be benefitial in the beginning. On this path there may be stumbling blocks or the road has different compositions and the better one is prepared the easier one can walk.

Does this make sense? The word sense is probably a figurative use of a literally meaning "to find one's way," or "to go mentally," from PIE root *sent- "to go" (source also of Old High German sinnan "to go, travel, strive after, have in mind, perceive". Does this makes sense could also be asked different like: Am I still on my way?

Very important: The search or recognition (awareness) of one's path and goals. Seeing the past as experience treasure, living in the present actively, welcoming the future with joy.

By the way: If our system is in a good structural balance it will influence positively the inner balance as well that is also why one should do the DORN selfhelp exercises and use this valuable time only for you!!

more content follows...

How to achieve balance in Body-Mind-Spirit?

My unsatisfying answer: I do not know!

I could give tips or advices that I experienced and learned myself but my path is surely not your path so I do talk about this only in personal coaching sessions.

I still walk my own path and make experiences every day and all I can give is this advice: If you fall or stumble stand up and start walking again. Every path starts with the first small step, every action with a thought.

Please share your experiences with DORN and send me your stories...


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Treat yourself like the most valuable treasure that you own.
Prevention is better than cure.
Start now.

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