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The Five Tibetan Rites

As a great complement to the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises I recommend dynamic yoga related exercises also known as the five tibetan rites and first described in the book publicized as the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. Harbor Press; (1985,1989) Revised, modernized and expanded edition of The Eye of Revelation, copyright 1939 by Peter Kelder

I personally have experienced these exercises since 1989 with great results and I am convinced that almost everyone could learn them and would be surprised about the positive changes they can achieve.

However they are no magic bullet or cure for all disease and the theory and philosophy behind may not find everybody's acceptance but as in all things: Try them, make your own exeriences and judge later.


Dynamic Yoga – A Fountain of Youth


General Rules: The featured five Yoga related Breathing Exercises aim to balance our Energy Centers also called ‘Chakras’. In a state of complete Balance we can achieve Unity of Body-Mind-Spirit and Creation and therefore induce Healing and stop (or possibly slow down) Aging.

The preferred time for these Exercises is at the beginning of the day, however they can be done at any time. The final goal is to do each of the five Exercises 21 times in a relaxed way while you may try to imagine that positive Energy / Life Force / Prana is entering our body every time we inhale and Excess Energy is leaving our body every time we exhale.

You can start with less Repetitions first e.g. 3 to 7 for the first week and gradually increase the amount by 2 or 3 each week until you reach the full 21. The Movements can be done with or without short breaks in-between but should be in Harmony with our breathing rhythm.

Try to stretch the body in each start and end position as good as you can but do not over exert yourself while doing these Exercises.

Do not worry if you cannot do the exercises as featured below or as shown in books or videos. Just do them as good as You can and it is fine!

first tibetan exercise« 1. second tibetan exercise« 2. thrird tibetan exercise« 3. fourth tibetan exercise« 4. fifth tibetan exercise« 5.

Credits to: J. Lunau


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dorn exercises

dorn exercises dorn exercisesdorn exercises

dorn exercises dorn exercises dorn exercises dorn exercises dorn exercises

dorn exercises dorn exercises dorn exercises

dorn exercises

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