DORN Method

The DORN Method
A holistic manual therapy and true selfhelp method

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The goal:
To coach people towards a balanced structural system thus positively influencing the functional unit of body-mind-soul.

A Healing “Method” because it combines 3 major factors:

1. Avoidance:
Explanation of possible causes (or contributing factors) of Spinal and Joint problems (> to avoid future mistakes!)

2. Manual application = Demonstration session:
An effective and safe manual application in cooperation with the client for Demonstration of the selfhelp possibilities (> combining counter-pressure - movement).
Important: Used are only safe Non-manipulative self-regulating mechanisms.

3. Self Help:
Explanation of Self Help Exercises for client after care (> necessary to prevent and maintain!)
The DORN Method is "Not just a Therapy" it is a complete HEALING Method that teaches People Self Help by showing how to apply the DORN Method in a gentle, effective and safe way! Healing through the Spine - A simple yet very effective method, the 'DORN Method'


1. Avoiding potentially unhealthy things:

Here: sitting too often with crossed legs and usually favouring one side.
bad sitting with crossed legs

Possible consequence:
Twisted Pelvis and leg lenght discrepancy
twisted pelvis x-ray

2. Practical Demonstration session:
Here: Leg lenght assessment
leg lenght assessment
leg lenght discrepancy

Re-balancing Demonstration
leg lenght re-balancing


3. Self Help:
Selfhelp exercises
dorn selfhelp exercise hip pelvis

Life-Style improvement suggestions:

Physical exercises
physical exercise

Healthy food
clean water healthy food

Avoiding negative stress
brain stress

This principles are repeated for all areas of the body with focus on coaching (teaching) the client all necessary measures to achieve and maintain better balance.

All DORN Selfhelp exercises: click here


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Treat yourself like the most valuable treasure that you own.
Prevention is better than cure.
Start now.

Thomas Zudrell, Health Coach

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