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I love DORN, peaceful and tolerant people and I love to help others so please:

If you do value my work do not hesitate to support it with any small or big donation.

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With your help we will be able to make the DORN Method and the Selfhelp possibilities popular and freely available to anybody worldwide without prejudice!

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Supporters of this project:
Information Platform about the Dorn Method
Website of Academy for Holistic Healing Arts International, Thomas Zudrell
Thomas Zudrell's webshop with great products for a healthy living!
Website of Company Panek, a Dorn Method Therapy Tools Producter / Dealer
Website of Company Natural-Spinal-Care, a Dorn Method Method Therapy Tools Producer / Dealer
Website of Brigitte Nath, approved DORN Instructor in the UK


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John Supporter, planet earth

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Ulla Meyerhof, Hawaii, USA

Elke Kratzer, Germany

All DORN Selfhelp exercises: click here


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Treat yourself like the most valuable treasure that you own.
Prevention is better than cure.
Start now.

Thomas Zudrell, Health Coach

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